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Welcome to Grommet, A .NET Micro Framework Extension Library!


From Wikipedia: "Grommets can be used to reinforce the hole, to shield something from the sharp edges of the hole, or both." This library is about reinforcing the .NET Micro Framework with additional features or shielding the developer from the .NET Micro Framework's rough edges.

The main goal of Grommet is to provide missing desktop functionality following the .NET Micro Framework approach. As such, Grommet includes APIs that model the behaviour of the full .NET Framework, although with a reduced functionality set. Developers experienced with the full .NET Framework should be able to use Grommet without difficulty.

.NET Features:

This functionality models the desktop .NET Framework. The standard MSDN help pages will provide the information you need to start using Grommet.
  • ExtensionAttribute - use C# 3.0 extension methods
  • Linq - a generic-free Linq implementation
  • HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse - HTTP/1.1 client (Stable_3_0 branch only)
  • System.Math - Elze Kool's drop in replacement Math library
  • Microsoft.Xna.Framework - Microsoft's managed game library (2-D and input only)


These feature sets are extensions that target the embedded developer. MSDN does not cover this functionality.
  • NtpClient - SNTP client (version 3 or 4)
  • Asynchronus API XBee library - communicate over ZigBee using Digi's XBee ZB RF Module in API mode
  • Big Endian Conversion - convert between Boolean, DateTime, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64 and byte arrays using big endian byte order.


We started Grommet to be a community repository for .NET Framework features required by developers, but not in the current release of the .NET Micro Framework. Our hope, is that some day, Grommet will evaporate as these features are released in the .NET Micro Framework.

Grommet is looking for implementations of standard BCL classes that work under the constraints of the .NET Micro Framework. If you wish to contribute to Grommet, contact one of the coordinators.


We would like to recognise the support of GHI Electronics that has made it possible for us to add audio support to the managed game library.


You will need the latest version of the .NET Micro Framework:

.NET Micro Framework links:

-- Blair Leduc

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